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Martyn Tevendale

Welcome to my Gallery.

I will over time put my collection of digital photographs onto this site. There are currently approximately 3k's worth so it will take some time so have patience. Once they are on board, I intend to scan in my 'real' photo's but that will be a future project.

Please note that all photographs are my copyright © although if you are interested in using any of them, please contact me as I'm sure we could come to an arrangement (I'm very partial to beer!).

I hope you enjoy browsing.

Stuart's wedding - 22nd July 2005 - Martyn's photos

Stuart's wedding - 22nd July 2005 - Rebecca's photos

Ben Macdui - 11th Sept.2005

Trip to see Rebecca - 18th May 2007

Scaling the Giant! - 30th July 2007

Mystery Man 1967?

Maitlands Bar Pictures

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